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Inaugural Address



The International Neural Networks Society (INNS) is embarking on a new journey --- I proudly announce the launch of a new INNS magazine, "Natural Intelligence", edited by Professor Soo-Young Lee.


The Society is always looking for new opportunities for helping and supporting our communities. Our goal is for INNS to be the most prestigious professional organization in fields around neural networks and natural intelligence (broadly defined). For many years, INNS has been the important professional home for researchers and practitioners from all over the world who work in the broad areas of neural networks and natural intelligence. Over the years, the coverage and scope of INNS have become broader and deeper, as neural networks penetrate many more fields.


It is within this context, this new magazine is being launched, complementing our flagship journal “Neural Networks”. To keep up with the fast changing world of relevant science and technology and to facilitate professional communication within our communities, a new magazine that is designed to appeal to a broader readership is needed. Compared with the journal, this new magazine will be more educational, more broad-based, more timely, and more appealing and informative for a broader readership.


It is my honor to welcome all authors, readers, and editors to this new magazine. In particular, I am pleased that Professor Soo-Young Lee accepted to be the inaugural editor-in-chief of this magazine. Professor Lee has done an excellent job in starting this new publication.


The success of the magazine will depend on all authors, readers, and editors. I am looking forward to seeing excellent reports, surveys, reviews, tutorials, and other articles appearing in this new publication for years to come.


To access the first issue of "Natural Intelligence", please go to:

http://www.inns.org or www.ni-inns.info.



                  Ron Sun

                  President of The International Neural Networks Society